For most of my career as a video editor, I've edited webinars, social clips/reels and promo videos for Microsoft. Despite editing hundreds of these videos, they unfortunately are not mine to publicly share on my portfolio. 
The standard webinars that I edit for Microsoft incorporate a combination of a high quality remote video recording, (following best A/V practices via along with a custom crafted, dynamic PowerPoint with screenshare demos. You may be envisioning a side-by-side of a speaker with a PowerPoint for 45 minutes, but these webinars are much more than that. As an editor, I play with all visual elements on the screen; creating a custom dynamic background, incorporating motion to highlight the speaker and elements of the PowerPoint, adding custom intros, outros, transitions, L3s, and much more.
And finally, my favorite webinar edits... the in person recording. I provide editing support to my video team with in-person recordings. These involve a three camera setup to capture a variety of speaker angles, and the cameras capturing the webinar provide the highest quavvlity, 4k output that delivers a stunning end result. See below for screenshots and pictures of both me in action and quick captures of the projects I've been a part of! 
Me on set editing!
Me on set editing!

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